One of us

So, you have visited the space and want to become a member of Black Lodge Research?  That is great, and we are as excited as you are!

Black Lodge Research is sponsored by Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and promotes continued education and community for many different subject matters. And we would love to have more members that share our goals!

The membership process has a few steps involved, starting with the links below.

Membership Process

First, filling out the form below with your relevant details will allow us to get the ball rolling.  Details for how the process works are outlined in the form.

Membership Form

Link for membership monthly dues

Paypal dues link

Second, becoming a member also entails a commitment to a small monthly contribution to helping keep BLR running and open for all to come and learn.  There are many rewarding benefits to this, like a custom Email @, a key once probationary period has passed, as well as first access to BLR swag and potentially rack space in the lodge.