August 11, 2013

OPEN HACK NIGHT, Thursdays 7 - 10pm

- Open Hack Night -

Who: The Public, Members, Donators, Hackers, Makers, Tinkerers. No autonomous robots please.
When: Thursday Nights, 7pm-10pm, Weekly!
Where: Black Lodge Research - 17725 NE 65th St A-155, Redmond, WA 98052
What : A public evening of open collaboration, learning and socializing.


Info  -
As Black Lodge Research moves to increase our interaction with and exposure to the general community, we are excited to announce a new weekly event, Open Hack Night. During this weekly event the public is invited to use the Black Lodge Research facilities along with our members. Stop by and use the space to discuss, learn, code, lock-pick, game, secure, collaborate and just plain hack on any project you desire.


Restrictions -
The following restrictions apply in order to preserve the openness of the space, and to encourage the safe use of facilities.

1. The space is available in an open fashion during this evening. As such, no organization may use the space during these evenings for recurring events or reserve BLR resources in an ongoing fashion.
Open Hack Night is OPEN.

2. For safety and liability reasons, non-members may not utilize any of the space's powered tools.
Note, this does not include soldiering irons; solder away!

A huge thank you to those people that have volunteered their time and money to keep the space open during this new weekly event; you all rock!

Note: If you are wondering what it takes to gain access to the space any time you want, we have some very exciting membership and access control restructuring coming out in the next month or two. Stop by and get to know us before hand.