August 20, 2013

Introduction to UEFI Firmware, September 22

Event: Introduction to UEFI Firmware
When: Sunday, 2013-09-22
Speaker: blibbet
Cost: FREE
Talk: ~2pm-4pm
Where: 17725 NE 65th St A-155, Redmond, WA 98052                

--- The Event ---

This is a class introducing UEFI firmware, for pentesters and sysadmins, with more than a bit for developers.

* Learn UEFI Forum's firmware architecture, the TianoCore open source project, and the EDK-II, UDK, and EADK toolchains.  Demos of toolchain installation and usage, on Windows and Ubuntu.

* Learn about building firmware images, and the handful of companies that sell their implementation.  No demos.

* Learn about boot loaders, and the EFI approaches taken by the main commerical OS vendors and the various different the Linux vendors.  No demos.

* Learn about native EFI images, the multiple different driver and application models.  And Intel's EFI bytecode.  No demos.

* Learn about the UEFI Shell, the ~66 commands, writing/invoking scripts. Demos of shell and multiple commands.

* Learn about existing EFI test code, including the EFI version of CPython, and and 3rd party open source pentest tools.  Maybe some demos.

--- Needed to Participate ---
Eyes and ears only, no laptop required.

To better understand the UEFI Shell, it really helps to first understand the Windows cmd.exe shell and the POSIX sh/Linux bash shell. To use the virtual environment, knowledge of QEMU is needed.


 Take place in the Black Lodge Research Classroom.
 Classes are taught on a completely volunteer basis by community
 members and are open to all (some may have associated materials
 costs). That being said, Black Lodge Research is a local non-profit that is
 completely supported by community donations. If you like what we do
 and enjoy the classes that folks donate their time to teach, please
 consider donating to help keep the lights on!

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