April 28, 2015

Flowerpot Foundry Demo & Build

Join us at 1pm on May 17th at Black Lodge Research and melt some stuff!

I think we've all seen the Flower Pot Foundry done by Grant Thompson "The King of Random" and some of you were interested in the coffee can forge from the last Toorcamp. We are finally ready to schedule this "make-a-long". Embalmed and I will be making the "bucket forge" at The Black Lodge Research on Sunday May 17th at 1pm. If you are interested in attending to make your own, I have listed the required and optional parts below. If you just want to come and watch, that's cool too!

All parts were purchased through Home Depot, please feel free to source your own.

(1) 2.5 quart plastic bucket item #100127778
(1) 10 quart galvanized pail item #100125409
(1) 1 in x 12 in black steel nipple item #100126058
(1) 1 in Schedule 40 PVC Female Adapter item #100347423

OPTIONAL items if you want to create the "lid"
(2) 5/16 in x 1 3/4 in x 4 3/16 in Steel U-Bolt item #204273751 
(1) 5 qt Big Mouth Bucket item #100066957
(1) common hair dryer to push air into the foundry when using
moar plaster mix

I will be bringing the following items for the demo if you want to build along

(1) 3 in hole saw (for lid opening)
(1) 1 3/8 in hole saw (for foundry intake hole)
(2) extra bags plaster (this won't go far)
(2) extra bags sand (this won't go far)

I have no idea how many people will show up for this, so I'm stocking low. We can always make a Home Depot run for more sand, plaster or other supplies if we need to.

Happy Melting!


Dutchess and Embalmed are long time Lodge members and hackers of many different specialties.  They will be leading this build-along activity on a hopefully nice day at Black Lodge Research that will allow you to walk away with your own foundry!