March 17, 2013

Arduino Workshop: April 7th, 21st | May 5th, 19th

The Black Lodge is proud to host an Introduction to Arduino workshop. 
Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform.
This class will be taught by Ducksauz during four weekly sessions of instruction, spaning 12+ hours of hands-on instruction. Participants are required to sign-up and purchase materials ahead of time through our eventbrite reservation system. Given the need for direct instructor interaction, and limited space available, this class is open to exactly 10 participants. Reservations and class kits are available through the link below at a cost of $175. This price includes discounted class materials and four weeks of instruction. The minimal proceeds will be donated to The Black Lodge to help them continue to provide classes and workshops to the community.
Class kits include the following items:
 * Wii Nunchuck Breakout Adapter -
The following is a description of the class in the instructor's own words:
Perhaps you'd like to learn some basic electronics and embedded programming, but haven't known where to start? This four week Arduino workshop will take you from complete n00b to basic hardware hacker. Each session will run 3-4 hours of instruction and hands-on labs. We'll start with digital input/output (I/O) using basic blinkenlights and taking input from switches. Then we'll move on to analog I/O. You'll aslso learn how to control motors, servos, and relays so you can manipulate the physical world with your Arduino. We'll also cover interfacing with I2C and SPI devices, including the Wii Nunchuck, and a cool OLED display. Throughout the classes, you'll learn the electronics theory behind the components we use and how to program the Arduino.
This workshop is space limited. The cost covers both supplies and the 12+ hours of instruction.
Come spend four Sunday afternoons filling your head with new skills. You won't regret it!
Event Info:
Dates: April 7th & 21st, May 5th & 19th (1-5pm)
Cost: $175 ($100 for BLR Core Donators; contact the treasurer to register)